Delicious Honey at a Reasonable Price

Jim 'n' I Farms, Inc. is committed to providing our customers with the freshest, Missouri grown and harvested honey for a great price. Our products are made with the fewest ingredients possible and are as close to the hive as you can get...without getting stung.  We sell our products through our High School FFA association annual fund raiser,  at a few selected area businesses, and over the internet. We also work with a number of extension offices and various organizations to provide beekeeping classes and products. Beekeeping is an fascinating business that not only provides a delicious, natural source of food but is also critical for about 80% of the foods we eat.

Picture of Beekeeper at work Searching for Honey

Jim 'n' I Farms, Inc. has become well known locally for their delicious, clean Missouri honey products, ranging from bears and bottles of raw honey, to honey straws, jellies and creamed honey. Did you know that honey is the only naturally made product that never spoils?  It's true!  Honey will turn to a hard sugary substance naturally, but with a little heat, will become liquid again. Truly, nature's perfect food.