Project 2: Digital Audio

Semantics Do Matter

Semantics Do Matter in Educationsic 2_mixdownValerie Duever
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After listening to the complete audio file, learners will be able to compare the various roles used in an online learning course.  This lesson will discuss how and when terminology has changed and why it is important to use the correct titles in their courses.



I selected the music first, identifying something that was uplifting but generic in nature so there would not be any negative feelings evoke from  the music choice.  I then recorded a small section of the discussion inside Adobe Audition.  The original voice recording was over three minutes long, so it had to be shortened.  I then added a fade in and fade out to the track and saved it as a .mp3 file.

I uploaded the file to the media section of this website, along with a screenshot of the multitrack section of the editing software.

I embedded both the image and the audio onto the webpage and selected a more appropriate image for this page from the stock options offered through WIX.



This was a difficult project for me, since I have never attempted any type of audio file manipulation.  The tutorial videos are excellent but I really need to have some undisturbed, dedicated time to play with all of the options involved with audio files.  I found myself looking up terms as I went through the exercises to make sure I understood what I was trying to accomplish.

I feel like I did the bare minimum for this particular project, which is very uncommon for me.  I also tried to envision how I would use something like this for my courses, and it would be helpful in narrating hard copy materials.   It would also be helpful to understand how to edit out sections from a recorded session, or to add in sound effects for emphasis.

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