Project 3: Digital Video

How to Make a Moon Glow Garden

Introduction and Learning Objectives:

Creating organic videos for your learners will provide a personalized touch to your course.


For this section, learners will demonstrate how they can create an abbreviated video that still provides instruction for a task.


Recording equipment: Personal iPhone XR and saved to iCloud.

Video editing software: Camtasia by Techsmith

Background music: Hang Song 2 by Frederic.font

Freesound by Creative Commons

Video Storage: YouTube

Website: Wix



  • Long shots of the flower bed before and after landscaping

  • Various angled shots to highlight planting and watering techniques upclose

  • Short video segments shot while actually planting was taking place

  • Video includes items necessary but not see in finished product, such as the trench and the plants being "short-planted".

  • Videos were edited to only include must-have content.

  • Still video added for opening and closing frames

  • Annotations added to last panoramic view of garden to emphasis steps in garden creation

  • Dissolve and fade transitions added for interest in viewing

  • Music identified and added for interest

  • Video exported to Youtube for ease of access

  • Video embedded in webpage for viewing ease


For my birthday, my family decided to create a moon glow garden that we could all enjoy as we sit in the backyard. I wanted to take that opportunity to record what they were doing so we could use the experience as a learning opportunity for a future course on landscaping. As each of the steps took place, I recorded the process and describing the events as if this were a live course.  

When this assignment as presented,  I saw an opportunity to use the videos.

I was concerned about the brevity of the video needed for the assignment but, as it turned out, requiring the video to be under 1:30 minutes required me to really focus on what needed to be presented.

Overall, I do like the video.  If I had it to do over again, I would have recorded the experience in landscape mode, as opposed to the portrait mode I used.  It would translate better for an educational video.

The other thing this assignment has provided is the experience that I can share with my learners; the frustration of deciding what to keep and what to cut, how planning out the message before picking up the camera, or at least before editing, is critical, and how looking for the music is fairly time consuming.  The instruction the course provided on how to create a filing system was also very beneficial.  It is very easy to become very disorganized when it comes to filing versions of the same document. I will make good use of that information as well.

The actual editing of the video was pretty easy, mostly because I have used Camtasia before on other projects so the cognitive load of new software was a minimum.

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