Introduction to Digital Media-7361

Summer 2020

by Valerie Duever

Project 4: The Moonglow Garden

For this project, we are going to create a Moonglow Garden. 


After completing this section, you will be able to define a Moonglow Garden and explain how it differs from typical landscapes.  You will be able to evaluate different flower types to decide if they would work in your landscape.  As an added bonus, you will also be able to explain the impact on honeybees of the Giant Asian Hornet.

Moonglow gardens, also known as midnight gardens, are a unique way to enjoy your landscape "after hours".

The main feature of this garden is the white color, which reflects moonlight and provides a subtle glow to the area.


Like the other garden types we have discussed, when you decide to add additional landscaping, you should include all of your senses in your design. Try to imagine how the space will appear, visually, during the times you intend to enjoy the space.

This a Moonglow garden, you sense of sound becomes almost as important as your sense of vision. 

Let's begin by listening to this 40 second audio clip, titled Moongarden Audio Mixdown, to help you visualize the mood we are trying to create with this type of garden.

Moongarden audio_mixdownValerie Duever
00:00 / 00:39

Doesn't that help to set the mood for this garden?

Now that we have a better idea on the environment we are trying to create, let's take a look at the details incorporated in this sample moonglow garden.

The image below, includes interactive buttons to provide more information as you review the garden layout.  Let's discuss how to use this graphic.

  • Selecting the "numbered" buttons will provide more information on the plant or hardscape.

  • Selecting button "1" will provide a definition of a moonglow garden.

  • Selecting button "9" will provide information on the honey bee.  Here is the PDF for the Giant Asian Hornet, the latest of a long  line of honey bee pests.

  •  Selecting button "10" a short (1:31 minute) video describing how this landscape was added.

  • For learners with slower internet or who prefer to have a non-interactive version of this webpage, please download this PDF of the assignment.  

  • This interactive tool was created using, which is a cool software.  If you want more information on their software, use the right-side slide bar, closest to the image.

  • When you are finished exploring, use the right-side slide bar, at the edge of your browser, to perform the knowledge check. 

  • There is also a brief (3 question) knowledge check a little further down the page.

  • Lastly, there is a page that describes all the techniques used in the creation of this project, if you are curious about the background information. Check it out!

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