This lesson was created for a Master's level Digital Media Design course. I used various software and design techniques to create the learning materials and activities. Here is some information on what is involved in the creation of those materials.

Behind the Curtain

Image Attributes

All images used for this project were downloaded from Creative Commons, used with permissions, or are original works of the author.


Select the image to download a PDF detailing origins of images.

Project 1 Image Attributes_Page_1.jpg

Giant Asian Hornet Flyer

Software Use

For this document, I made use of the following software:

  • Adobe PowerPoint

  • Adobe Photoshop 2020

  • Adobe Illustrator 2020

  • Microsoft Word-Office 365

  • Microsoft Snip & Sketch

  • Wix and Wix Editor


Basic Raster Techniques--multiple locations

  • Change image size

  • Rotate Image

  • Adjust brightness and contrast

  • Apply basic adjustment layer techniques

More Advanced Raster Techniques-multiple locations

  • Use overlay to fine-tune a selection

  • Use the brush tool to fine-tune a selection

  • Use the mask tool to fine-tune a selection

  • Remove small objects

Basic Vector Techniques-MU Logo, Giant Asian Hornet emblem

  • Draw simple shapes

  • Combine shapes

  • Format Text

More Advanced Vector Techniques -MU Logo, Giant Asian Hornet emblem 

  • Create color gradients

  • Place text on or inside of a path

  • Reshape text

Audio Recording



I selected the music first, identifying something that would set the mood of a summer's evening in the Midwest. I then recorded a small section of the discussion inside Adobe Audition.    I then added a fade in and fade out to the track and saved it as a .mp3 file.

I embedded both the image and the audio onto the webpage and selected a more appropriate image for this page from the stock options offered through WIX.

Video Recording


Recording equipment: Personal iPhone XR and saved to iCloud.

Video editing software: Camtasia by Techsmith

Background music: Hang Song 2 by Frederic.font

Freesound by Creative Commons

Video Storage: YouTube

Website: Wix


  • Long shots of the flower bed before and after landscaping

  • Various angled shots to highlight planting and watering techniques upclose

  • Short video segments shot while actually planting was taking place

  • Video includes items necessary but not see in finished product, such as the trench and the plants being "short-planted".

  • Videos were edited to only include must-have content.

  • Still video added for opening and closing frames

  • Annotations added to last panoramic view of garden to emphasis steps in garden creation

  • Dissolve and fade transitions added for interest in viewing

  • Music identified and added for interest

  • Video exported to Youtube for ease of access

  • Video embedded in webpage for viewing ease

Interactive Graphics

Each of the elements were created separately, so I needed something to pull everything together.  Enter, Genially!  What a cool software! There are lots of templates for adding an interactive element to any project.

Using an image of the planted garden, I added interactive "dots" to each of the elements so learners could read more about the selections made.

It was saved as html code and embedded into WIX for use.

I used one of the interfaced software options available through WIX for the knowledge check. Fyrebox Games and Quizzes is easy to set up, easy to use and has great reporting capabilities.

Lastly, for a select few testing learners, I created a survey to capture feedback on the usability of the webpage through Google Forms.  Those documents were sent separately because they were by invitation only.

Thank you for participating in the lesson.

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